Top YouTube Explainer Videos

The evolution of marketing continues as more and more companies are using explainer videos. The herculean effectiveness explainer videos deliver has helped make them extremely popular. These top YouTube explainer videos show just how effective they can be when done correctly. Using any type of explainer video can instantly impact your personal name, brand, website, product or service.

The Effectiveness Of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos and their usage has exploded the past few years. It is one of the things which helped make YouTube one of the top 5 websites in the world today. These audiovisuals instruments are now used by companies and businesses across all industries. In addition, average individuals have made a name for themselves or their online brands using them. They have also used them to monetize via views and advertising revenue.

As a marketing tool used to explain away whatever service, brand or product you are selling, an explainer video is peerless and effective. Since they can be created without too much hassle, that helps make them popular as well. But the best part, is how easily, quick and efficiently they can be used to explain what you want your audience to know. The following is a list containing some of the most effective, popular and renowned explainer videos on YouTube.

Tea Consent –

If the best explainer videos were judged by views then the Tea Consent would deserve to be included. This powerful explainer video has already garnished more than 4.6 million views on YouTube alone. What makes this one of the top explainer videos ever is its simplicity. The cartoon animation used are as simple as you can get when it comes to drawing. However, combined with an effective storyline and voiceover, the end result is a powerful top explainer video.

Dollar Shave Club –

When created their explainer video, they probably had no idea it would lead to a revolution. That is exactly what happened when the video became an instant hit. The company has since went on to make millions in revenue. They also changed the entire shaving industry. The Dollar Shave Club explainer videos is close to 25 million views already. It is one of the most popular explainer videos ever.

Tasty – Recipe Videos

The Tasty company Recipe Videos have a huge following. There are many of them which have millions of views already on YouTube. Their first video was about an apple pie recipe. It instantly became a huge success for the company. They have over 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel today.

Notarize! –

Most of the top explainer videos have one thing in common; humor. It is one of the reasons the Notarize! explainer video became such a hit. The video is based on an app for Smartphones. However, viewers can also get a chuckle or two from the efficient way the video tells the story.

Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell

The Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell explainer video is quite fun to watch. You also get a ton of information from the video which uses a great software to do so. The end result is a popular and well-liked audiovisual production. The company behind the video is called PlanetNutshell. They have a few of other explainer videos which are also excellent and popular.

Share Hope International –

Although the Share Hope International explainer videos doesn’t have a large number of views, it is still a very effective one. This explainer video shows just what the correct format and formula are for making a great explainer video. The voice over and animation combined together deliver a powerful message and get the job done.

TripCase Travel App –

Unlike many of the other explainer videos on this list which were mostly animated, the TripCase Travel App video is different. It uses live action footage or real people. Still, the explainer video manages to capture viewers with its simple to follow message.

These are just some of the many explainer videos you can find on sites such as YouTube. There are literally millions of explainer videos being made by people weekly. Many of them are not necessarily from companies or businesses either. A large majority are how to videos or those used by individual to promote their website or something else. Irrespective of what your explainer video will be used for, using one can make a huge difference.

Tools for making explainer videos for YouTube or other sites are readily available. For those that don’t want to bother making their own, there are several options. Companies dedicated to explainer video services can help you in this case. SquareShip is one of them which offers top rated explainer video production assistance.

Other options are hiring someone to do it for you. You can also purchase software or programs to help you make your very own explainer video.