How to Get Your Videos Seen on Social Media

Content marketing comes in the way as one of the best social media strategies. Social media is a great place to showcase your brand, talent, or influence. You can maximize the potential of getting leads and followers from social media.

Content is one of the best ways to showcase what you got. It can be in the form of writing, photos, images, audio, or videos. Let’s talk about videos. It is a wonderful way to communicate with your followers. It is very helpful for brands to get into the market and be on top in the industry. But, if your videos are not getting exposure, it is useless. Now, let’s talk about what you should do to make it happen.

Here are the topmost social media platforms where you should place your videos:


It is the number 2 largest search engine on the Internet. To make the most of this platform, you have to do some optimization for your videos. First, the title must be relative to your content and include the keyword in it. The description should include the keyword too and by reading it, your viewers will have a clue of what they will watch. Include in your tags the keywords you have used in your title and in the whole video. Also, you might need to include a subtitle. English is very common to many nations and your video can be world-wide if you use it as you subtitle.


In this platform, Facebook live is the common video trends now. Many famous celebrities and influencer are using it. Brands can also take advantage of it. Because of interaction, people are engaging with Facebook live. But, if you are having difficulties in getting more audience, it can be discouraging. Aside from Facebook live, you can also directly upload a video on Facebook. To be noticed, you have to use a strong call to action so your audience will get interested to watch your video. Make sure you have an appropriate title for your video. Never mislead the people by making click bait titles. By making these, you can drive organic traffic to your video. It may also help you expand your network and ask people to share it on their personal account.


This platform is not exclusive to image sharing only, but video contents are getting popular too. Same with Facebook, you can also do Instagram Live. Be more proactive, IG Live is a perfect tool to interact with your audience. Make sure to leave them a positive impression, if you do then they will ask for more. Boomerang is also on the trend, make interesting videos using this tool. Make sure that you are not over promoting your videos and avoid using slang words. People on Instagram want quality content.

You can even collaborate these 3 social media platforms in order to boost your videos visibility. Social media platforms today are way more interactive but very competitive. You will need to exhort extra efforts to get to the top. Plus, be sure your content is engaging and enthusiast.